I have created this SwiftUI Developer Roadmap. It is meant as an overview of the different aspects and tools that SwiftUI provides. There have been a few updates for the new SwiftUI 2, which are highlighted in yellow in the roadmap. The map is not complete, but it could serve well as a starting point.

How do you learn software development?

Because I recently created my first own course on SwiftUI, I faced the problem of how to teach the different aspects of SwiftUI. Most classes focus on making apps and introducing new concepts whenever it makes sense in the sample projects. My personal learning does…

If you are used to functional programming with UIKit, it takes some time to wrap your head around SwiftUI. This is especially true for navigation. Storyboards and Navigation Segues are just so essential. But after a couple of months I have finally got the hang of it. So I will share some very useful design patterns and SwiftUI bugs to avoid with you.

This is not a beginner tutorial. If you need to review NavigationView, TabView and SplitViews you can start with this great RayWenderlich tutorial. I also assume you have seen @State, @EnvironmentObject and @Published before.

What is the state of Navigation?

SwiftUI is based…

I have been working with SwiftUI on my own project right from the start in June 2019. I wanted to share with you how I do my layout system. Before I go into more complex UI design patterns, we will go through the most used options. This first part is how to change the layout. If you want to get to the advanced tools for reactive design, jump ahead to my other post.


When you create a project with SwiftUI, it gives a ContentView as the main default view.

So lets see how we can add things together. You…

Apple announced SwiftUI as a way to write apps on all devices. But the screensize and UX design principles are varying widely. So the question is how to reuse the same views on all platforms. How to do reactive layout?

This is an advanced discussion. If you are not yet familiar with the basic SwiftUI layout methods such as VStack, HStack and frames, you can check out my other beginner tutorial here.

I have published my app on iPhone and iPad so fare and I am currently working on the mac version. Here I want to share some useful tools…

Karin Prater

I have a Ph.D. in physics, during which I started to love software engineering. I have deveped my own app with SwiftUI and I created a SwiftUI online course.

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